CTI Group to launch enhanced eBilling and analytics capabilities

CTI Group will be launching the latest version of its Analysis 7 (A7) eBilling and enhanced analytics solution at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

A7 is designed to meet the demands from Telcos’ multinational customers who require a greater understanding and consolidated view of their communications usage and spend. It is a scalable, efficient and user-friendly solution which provides communications and IT managers with a drill-down platform which is available from their desktops.

With the increasing complexity of network communications systems, organisations across the globe are seeing an unprecedented amount of data flow through their business which must be managed and analysed. Therefore, it is vital that service providers are able to provide their Enterprise customers with the tools to analyse this information while being able to control communication costs. In its recent survey of 225 business leaders, IBM Global Business Services found that enterprises felt they were “operating with bigger blind spots and that they are making important decisions without access to the right information.” However, the research also revealed that “new analytics, coupled with advanced business process management capabilities, signal a major opportunity to close gaps and create new business advantage.”

It is within this context that CTI Group has announced the launch of the enhanced A7 enterprise analytics solution. It is designed to ensure that Telcos, independent software vendors (ISV) and systems integrators (SI) are able to deliver the business intelligence tools demanded by clients. Therefore, CTI Group has incorporated several new features into A7 for both new and existing customers. These include:

Customer Profiles – Empowers Telcos to decide which features and portlets each individual customer will see and create a tailored product with the appropriate functionality. This will allow Telcos tailor analytic offerings to specific customer groups, from MNCs down to SMEs.

Drill-down interface – iPhone-style slider menu makes updating company structures and profiles much more user-friendly.

Usage tagging – A7’s enhanced reporting mechanisms allow MNCs to indentify and separate personal and business communications and reallocate personal costs back to the user.

Enhanced Application Programming Interface (API) interfaces – As A7 can be supplied through solution partners including ISVs and SIs, A7 now includes enhanced APIs to allow integration into other BSS offerings.

Query/Dispute Management – Enhanced CRM interfacing allows users to post-back line level queries.

Michael Lightfoot, Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances for CTI Group, commented: “It has become vital for Telcos to offer all of their customers, regardless of size, an analytics tool that provides enhanced business intelligence. Therefore, we have engineered our latest version of Analysis 7 to have the wide array of features and robustness demanded by Telcos’ Enterprise customers, while also having the flexibility which allows them to offer a scaled down and cost effective version to their small business customers.

“This will allow Telcos to create Gold, Silver and Bronze level customers and assign rights and privileges according to their clients’ needs and budgets. Furthermore we are continuing to support our partner community with rich solution APIs, allowing them the further opportunity to package or white-label our solution as part of a rich solution delivery.”

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