Cware CCTV Video Management Software available on mobiles

Controlware has bought its Cware Video Management Software (VMS) to mobile devices enabling CCTV surveillance, camera management and control on the move.

The new mobile module for Cware VMS releases the power of CCTV from the confines of the control room and onto mobile phones and PDA’s. Security personnel, mobile patrols, emergency services, and loss prevention and facilities managers can now benefit from secure access to their CCTV systems and get live and recorded CCTV surveillance at their fingertips. With pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera control, remote surveillance and identification of suspects is faster and easier on the move.

The mobile module is client software that sits on a mobile phone or PDA and works by connecting to a Cware System Server over wireless networks. Video images are then compressed by a transcoding engine and high quality video is sent back to the remote users.

Robust log in encryption and user rights management help protect the network at all times preserving the integrity of the video data. Support for smart technologies such as motion detection, video analytics and image content navigation improves the management of CCTV and helps with site orientation and real time tracking of suspects. Remote surveillance is fast and secure from CCTV cameras situated in multiple locations improving users’ response to incidents as they happen.

Cware Mobile enables CCTV control room operators to also distribute messages that include video links to mobile resources so that they are able to view live or recorded video from any camera.

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