D-Link Introduces Business-Class Green Ethernet Switches

Networking solutions provider D-Link has extended its range of power-saving Green Ethernet switches with the introduction of two first-to-market business-class unmanaged Green Ethernet switches. Developed to enable small to medium-sized enterprises to reduce their energy costs and optimise energy efficiency, the new switches take advantage of D-Link’s unrivalled heritage in Green Ethernet technology to deliver energy savings of up to 45%.

As organisations act to reduce operating costs and respond to their environmental responsibilities, D-Link has made it easy for them to migrate to the unmanaged Green Ethernet Switches, by ensuring they deliver the same high performance and competitive pricing as the switches they replace. Nor is network compatibility a barrier to adoption; the unmanaged Green Ethernet Switches have been designed to integrate seamlessly into any network environment, and work effectively regardless of which vendors’ devices they are connected to and from.

With D-Link’s Green Ethernet technology, the switch can detect when a connected device is offline and will respond by powering down the corresponding port into standby mode, hence reducing the power usage for that port. The DGS-1016D 16-port and the DGS-1024D 24-port high performance Gigabit switches featuring D-Link’s Green Ethernet technology, can deliver power savings of up to 45% when the connected devices are powered down. In addition, traditional switches use full power to send data through the Ethernet cables regardless of cable lengths. Green Ethernet technology provides dynamic detection of cable lengths, reducing the power needed accordingly.

Commenting on the introduction of the unmanaged Green Ethernet Switches, Chris Davies, General Manager, D-Link UK, said: “D-Link leads the market with Green Ethernet solutions by proactively taking the initiative to deliver energy optimizing network solutions. Whether it is on price, performance or principle, the unmanaged Green Ethernet switches deliver a convincing response to the business need for more energy efficient business solutions. With D-Link’s market leading experience in Green Ethernet, combined with the energy and costs savings the technology can deliver, there’s simply no excuse for organisations not to migrate to Green Ethernet solutions.”

D-Link says they are currently unique in offering Green Ethernet network products. Late last year, it was first to market with a range of Green Ethernet range of products for the home and small business. The expansion of its Green Ethernet range further underscores D-Link’s strategy of developing solutions that position it ahead of competitor offerings, while meeting the performance and functionality demands of the market. D-Link will introduce additional Green Ethernet Business-class switches in 2008.

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