Daisy Distribution launches its own MasterCard

Daisy Distribution has come up with a new way of incentivising its partners.
The leading mobile airtime distributor has launched its own Daisy Distribution MasterCard, which sees partners awarded with monetary bonuses for performance against product and service-based incentives.

Marketing Director Julien Parven explained: “We’ve found this tactical marketing tool to be an excellent way of uniquely targeting individual partners and rewarding individual sales people due to its flexibility and scalability, making it a truly diverse and inclusive rewards mechanism.

“The card can be used tactically to support individual partner initiatives and also to drive incremental business across some of the lower value products we offer. We can also use it as part of our bigger incentives which involve promoting a product across the channel as a whole.”

Designed and approved by MasterCard, the cards can be credited with a maximum of £500, which partners can use to buy kit from Daisy Distribution, invest in their own businesses for promotions, or keep to spend on personal items, with it simply being disposed of once the credit has been spent.

Parven said: “Financial incentives are obviously a great way of encouraging partners to bring in extra sales and this is a quick and easy way of doing it.

“The card as a reward mechanic complies with all current legislation and is designed to make it easy for us and partners to declare the benefit in kind as part The Bribery Act, ensuring that all remain able to enjoy this reward in the knowledge that they are remaining compliant.”

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