Daisy Looks for Role Models

With names like ‘computer geeks’ often used to describe those working in IT, it’s easy to see why the computing and IT industry struggles to attract interest as a career path from young people.

In a bid to give the industry’s reputation a boost Daisy Group has teamed up with UK charity Computer Aid International and launched a search to find the UK computing/IT industry’s best role models.

Nathan Marke, Chief Technology Officer, Daisy Group said: “It is now often said that ‘all businesses are digital businesses, they just specialise in other things’. IT is driving changes in the business models of every industry. It’s very much the industrial revolution of our time. But it has a poor brand, which I think does it a disservice as it can offer a tremendous career with opportunities for people with strengths across the whole spectrum of the arts and sciences.

“Whilst TV shows like “The IT Crowd” raise the profile of certain types of career path, they don’t really dispel the myth that we’re all socially awkward ‘geeks’. So, we’re looking for people working in the industry with interesting jobs and a little charisma, to step forward and challenge the stereotypes by acting as positive role models for the next generation.”

Daisy is encouraging people working in computing/IT who have interesting jobs to nominate themselves or their colleagues as role models, by sending a description of their job, a photo of themself, and an explanation of why they think they are a good role model.

For every valid nomination received, Daisy will donate £1 to Computer Aid International, the UK-based charity which aims to reduce poverty through practical ICT solutions.

Daisy Group, the company spearheading the search for ‘cool techies’, is inviting those interested in participating to visit its website and nominate themselves or a colleague as a potential role model.

There are no restrictions on the types of organisation people work for or the sectors they work in, as the initiative is aiming to raise awareness of the variety of roles available. The only restriction is that the person’s job role must relate to computing or IT.

Nathan Marke added: “You don’t have to be glamorous, work for a big company, or have an impressive job title to nominate yourself as a potential role model. You simply need to be approachable, enthusiastic about your own job and able to explain why the computing and IT industry is an interesting place to work.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine