Daisy supports resellers with new O2 wholesale mobile proposition

Daisy Wholesale has re-launched its mobile proposition to support resellers in adopting services to compete against mainstream mobile operators who are combining their network capability with fixed line and data connectivity.

As one of only a handful of partners with access to O2’s network in a wholesale capacity, Daisy Wholesale already provides resellers with the opportunity to earn connection bonuses and on-going revenue share whilst locking out mobile operators selling into their base.

Now, Daisy is helping to further increase their resellers’ competitive advantage with the introduction of a series of new support mechanisms, including a dedicated Mobile Pre-Sales and Bid Support Team, white label marketing, new revenue share opportunities and more commercial flexibility.

Managing Director Carl Churchill explains: “There has been a real assertive push and effort at Daisy Wholesale over the last four months to encourage our resellers to see the advantages of adding mobile to their portfolio or relooking at their existing proposition.

“Mobile customer ownership should not be understated; it’s contributing to the value of your business and keeping those customers secure. This is particularly important when you consider that some of the mainstream mobile operators are now introducing fixed line and data services. Resellers which have traditionally sold calls, lines and data need to be able to offer mobile in order to survive among a growing number of competitors which now include the mobile networks themselves.

“Ultimately, if you can provide your customers with a stronger portfolio of products and services, you will not only increase your share of their communications spend, but will make the customer more sticky and loyal to you as an organisation.”

Daisy Wholesale has been part of O2’s Joined Up Communications programme since last year, providing partners with the opportunity to sell O2 Business Tariffs, receive an upfront commission, on-going revenue share, but most importantly retain ownership of the customer and the billing relationship.

As part of its proposition revamp, the wholesale provider has introduced a dedicated Mobile Pre-Sales Support Team, who specialise in everything mobile and provide resellers with support and advice on the O2 proposition, highlighting how it can benefit theirs and their customers’ business. This includes providing training to resellers to arm them with the knowledge they need to sell mobile into their customer base.

Its new marketing support comes in the form of ‘Energy Days’ with sales teams, while the introduction of White Box marketing collateral allows resellers to promote their mobile offering in their own brand.

By fully integrating mobile into Daisy Wholesale’s flagship XPS provisioning platform, partners can also now provision, manage and maintain their mobile services in the same way they do with their calls, lines and data.

Churchill adds: “There has never been a better time to start to look at your customer base, see where mobile opportunities exist and speak with us, as your aggregator, about how you can make the most of them.

“Our Mobile Pre-Sales Team has been working very closely with customers to seek these new opportunities and we’ve seen some real successes as a result of that effort.

“Ultimately the bridge and segmentation between fixed and mobile communications and the IT channel are becoming thinner and thinner. It’s about breaking down those product barriers to enable your sales team to feel comfortable in delivering each of those elements, as opposed to focusing on any single area.”

Maggie Kennedy, Head of Partners at O2, says: “I am really excited about supporting Daisy’s push into the reseller market – clearly this is all about providing a one stop shop for their customers’ needs.

“Daisy is a very capable partner with breadth and reach in this space and here at O2 we are truly excited about this re-launch and, judging from the channel feedback, is one that resellers are also. This initiative will further align Daisy and O2 as we continue to enjoy a mutual and strategic relationship which I only see going from strength to strength.”

Kennedy adds: “With all relationships it is based on feedback and shared insight and I am genuinely confident Daisy will succeed in this market and I am delighted to support this great programme of activity.”

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