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Daisy Wholesale Integrates Highlights into Ethernet Offering

Daisy Wholesale has integrated netEvidence’s Highlight cloud-based monitoring and reporting service into its Ethernet family of products to deliver a new level of intelligence and control across its Ethernet services. From April 2015, Daisy Wholesale will deliver Highlight to all existing reseller networks and as part of all future placements.

Oliver Green, Project Manager at Daisy Wholesale is managing the release of Highlight to the company’s 1200 reseller partners across the UK. “We wanted to add value and enhance our thriving Ethernet family of products. Highlight makes our services far more attractive with a whole new level of intelligence that wasn’t on offer before,” says Oliver.

“Resellers have a host of new opportunities with Highlight,” he adds. “They can monitor the stability of services, line health and usage to foster better communications with their customers. They can also give customers access to the same online reports with opportunities to upsell the service with greater reporting features and functionality.”

There are four levels of the Highlight service on offer that deliver increasing functionality and benefit to the reseller and the end user. The basic level is provided free of charge.

Oliver continues, “Highlight was chosen because it has an extremely simple portal. This means our resellers and their customers don’t have to be technical experts to understand what is happening with their service. Most importantly, our team and resellers have access to the same information via the portal which will deliver greater transparency and help improve communication and ongoing support.”

Daisy Wholesale started working with netEvidence in August 2014.

“netEvidence has been fantastic,” adds Oliver. “They are very supportive, flexible and have been extremely accommodating with our training to ensure we fully understand the capabilities of the system and how it meets the needs of our business. It has been, and continues to be, a really good partnership.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine