Dashboard Opens Up Opportunities say Mitel

Cath Knight, Solutions Marketing at Mitel says organisations often have the perception that call management tools are very expensive and often difficult to deploy.

“This is certainly not the case with the Mitel Business Dashboard (now part of the Mitel Applications Suite) an easy to implement solution.

A question Mitel often asks businesses ‘Would you run your web site without being able to obtain data on how many unique visits you receive, how long people stay, and where they go?’ and the answer is more often than not ‘No!’ So, why would you accept any less with your communications system?

Mitel understands that a successful company needs to know if their business hours are appropriate for their customers and how quickly the calls are being answered. Not only that but companies that are looking for either a basic or sophisticated communications system need to justify the cost to the board. Mitel Business Dashboard delivers on call reporting and management requirements and provides the justification for investment. It is a business reporting package that can monitor the whole telephone system, providing both historical and real time performance indicators on business activities.”

For small investment, companies can quickly identify cost-savings areas, monitor sales calls to check on employee’s performance and recognise areas for improvement. Providing companies with a view on all the people in the organisation on, how many inbound and outbound calls are being made and by whom. Companies can also see how much the calls are costing them, whether they are local or international, and more importantly is there any abuse of the system.

Another critical area to use call management tools is the evaluation of sales and marketing campaigns. Using the Mitel Business Dashboard, a customer of Actimax (a Mitel reseller), West London Motor Group now publishes specific DDI or 0845 numbers on adverts for the different dealers in target publications. This way they can monitor the impact of the advertising campaign by the number of calls coming in and on what number, and with this information they can track it back to the advert to identify if it has been successful or not. As a result they have made the strategic move not to advertise in certain local newspapers and focus campaigns more online.

Knowing exactly what is going on in your business sounds a relatively simple concept, however many businesses struggle and operate in the dark because they do not have this information available or fear that the technology required is out of their budget.

Business Dashboard is just one from a wide range of software based call management applications from Mitel, but one which presents resellers a real opportunity to demonstrate the value of call management applications to their customers. And, armed with such valuable information that is available for a relatively low cost, this creates the opportunity for the reseller to go back and up-sell further Mitel applications, for example a contact centre.”

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