Dell Introduces Endpoint Security with Cylance

Dell has announced a collaboration with Cylance to integrate its technology into Dell Data Security solutions. Starting in early 2016, Dell will be the only tier one PC vendor to offer a comprehensive security suite integrating Cylance technology with the introduction of Dell Data Protection Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise. Cylance is the cybersecurity company that uses artificial intelligence to proactively prevent, rather than just reactively detect, advanced persistent threats and malware. This collaboration builds on the Dell Ventures investment in Cylance earlier this year as part of its commitment to support new businesses that align with Dell’s strategic direction.

Customer needs are no longer adequately being met by traditional, signature-based anti-virus and anti-malware solutions in today’s fast-evolving threat landscape. Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise with Cylance technology will protect against the execution of advanced persistent threats and malware including zero day attacks, scripting attacks and targeted attacks such as spear phishing and ransomware.

According to Cylance testing, the new solution will achieve a significantly higher level of protection, stopping 99 percent of malware and advanced persistent threats, far above the average 50 percent efficacy rating of many traditional anti-virus solutions[i]. Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise integrates a deep understanding of attack vectors with sophisticated artificial intelligence and algorithmic science to provide superior endpoint protection against both present and future threats.

According to a Dell-commissioned survey, 61 percent of medium to large organisations prefer purchasing security as part of an integrated suite[ii]. Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise integrates authentication, encryption and advanced threat protection into one security suite. It requires a fraction of the IT resources that would traditionally be required to maintain an effective advanced threat protection solution, enabling remote management of all components using a single console. The solution prevents threats without the need of a constant cloud connection, frequent updates or a persistent network connection, while providing IT departments with less false positive readings and no signature updates. It also enables compliance with industry standards, meeting PCI DSS Requirement 5 and HIPAA requirements for anti-virus and anti-malware solutions. Additionally, the technology uses a fraction of the system resources associated with anti-virus and traditional malware protection solutions, which means better performance for end users. Dell’s ProSupport for Software is bundled with every purchase. It provides 24×7 access to certified engineers whose deep knowledge and expertise can help identify and quickly resolve issues.

Dell Latitude and OptiPlex PCs are the most secure commercial PCs in the industry today with best-in-class endpoint security solutions from the Dell Data Protection suite, including comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and leading-edge malware protection from a single source. The new solution will make the most secure PCs today even more secure by providing customers with effective advanced threat protection that’s required to prevent today’s increasingly common cyber-attacks. This extends Dell’s commitment to providing customers the most secure commercial PCs available today, while also providing security solutions that work across heterogeneous environments, meaning data is protected as it moves across various devices and through public and hybrid clouds that make up most modern work scenarios.

Steve Lalla, VP, Commercial Client Software and Solutions, Dell commented “The security landscape is changing rapidly and businesses are increasingly exposed to new malware and advanced persistent threats. Our collaboration with Cylance provides our customers with the most comprehensive endpoint and data security solutions to protect their data and prevent advanced persistent threats without hampering productivity and mobility.”

Stuart McClure, CEO, Cylance added “Traditional signature-based solutions are completely ineffective in defending organisations from cyber threats. Marrying Dell’s industry-leading endpoint security with Cylance’s artificial intelligence approach provides enterprise organisations with unprecedented protection to actively predict and prevent malware and advanced threats.”

Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst, CyberSecurity, Enterprise Strategy Group continued “Organisations today are finding that traditional approaches are failing to keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, putting intellectual property and other data assets at risk. While this reality has resulted in the use of a multitude of point tools, ESG research overwhelmingly highlights customer demand for tightly integrated endpoint security suites for both improved efficacy and reduced operational cost. The combination of Dell Data Protection endpoint security and Cylance advanced threat protection technology delivered in a suite promises to meet this need in the market for a solution that can address advanced attacks and protect data.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine