Demon is Back with New Business Broadband Packages

Demon, a brand of THUS Limited, is back and ready to be a pioneer once again with the launch of new business broadband products targeted at SMEs, alongside a reinvigorated branding and marketing effort.

The new business broadband products will be launched in July and will extend the Demon Premier Broadband portfolio. The new products have been developed due to concerns that a large proportion of businesses are not backed up by mission-critical connections during the busiest times of the day, with many still using residential services to run business applications.

The products will give business customers a professional broadband service with no usage restrictions, and assure critical bandwidth during internet ‘rush hour’ without disruptions to speed and performance. This portfolio of products will be ideal for SME’s that don’t have business grade connections and for those who rely on congested residential networks to run their operations.

Demon was founded in June 1992 and is one of the UK’s first and most experienced Internet Service Providers. It was bought by THUS in May 1998 which was subsequently acquired by Cable&Wireless Worldwide in 2008.

Leading this talented Demon team back to market is the ‘Devil Incarnate’ himself, Matt Cantwell, Head of Demon.

“It’s really exciting to be leading this comeback and re-engaging with our customers,” commented Matt. “We want to remind everyone that Demon Broadband is the best at providing business internet services. In addition, our heritage in the ISP market and in-house technical and business expertise means we can consult our customers on the best broadband package to suit their needs.”

True to its legacy, Demon customers and always come first for the organisation and its broadband services run across tier one networks that are used exclusively by business and high-end customers. And with confusion rife around fair usage policies (FUPs) and advertised speeds, there are no unfair restrictions imposed on Demon Premier Broadband services which offer clear information regarding internet usage.

Businesses that choose Demon Premier Broadband can also benefit from high-quality customer service. The in-house, UK based team has dedicated employees with an average 11 years Demon expertise, which all helps towards rapidly fixing faults and errors.

Cantwell concludes: “This comeback is significant for Demon as we know competition is fierce in this market. However, our advantage is that we know the industry better than anyone and we have the means to deliver the best services at competitive rates. We believe there is work to be done to become the best and are determined to lead the way, once again.”

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