Demon Launches Business Broadband Packages with Assured Bandwidth

Demon, a brand of THUS Limited, has launched its range of Assured Rate broadband packages. The packages are part of the Demon Premier Broadband portfolio and give customers a minimum downstream bandwidth at any time of the day or night, even during periods of peak usage.

Most broadband services are supplied on a shared network where bandwidth is divided between a large number of users. This means that when demand for bandwidth increases, congestion can occur and online applications can slow down. Demon’s Premier Broadband Assured Rate packages overcome this by allocating customers a level of bandwidth (either 256Kb, 512Kb, 1Mb or 2Mb) that will always be available, even at peak traffic times. This is ideal for businesses that have heavy bandwidth requirements, for example, where centrally managed applications are shared across an organisation’s network, or for businesses with outsourced hosting services.

As Demon is a THUS Limited brand, which is owned by Cable&Wireless Worldwide, its products benefit from running on the UK’s largest fibre network, which is dedicated to business use. This means that Demon’s Assured Rate services are more convenient than similar services offered by other broadband providers, where customers are required to book assured rate time slots in advance and pay additional charges.

Matt Cantwell, Head of Demon, says: “Businesses shouldn’t just be looking for services which give them fast speeds, but for services that give them fast speeds during the internet rush hour. It’s not about ‘one size fits all’ broadband anymore.”

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