DiVitas Named “Hot Company to Watch in 2008”

Mobile Unified Communications company DiVitas Networks has been named in Forrester’s independent report, “Hot Companies to Watch in 2008”.

As innovation has become imperative in technology markets, finding and adapting to emerging technologies and trends is more critical than ever, according to the Forrester report. To help technology vendors stay on top of the changing technology marketplace, Forrester has gathered a list of seven small companies to watch in 2008 and beyond. Forrester believes these companies are worth noting for their unique business model, their growth potential and/or their relevance to broader technology market trends.

“While the use of voice services on WLANs has been limited primarily to organizations that have a ‘campus’, such as educational institutions and hospitals, Forrester expects this to change in 2008 as companies recognize the benefits of ubiquitous network infrastructure,” the report states. “As a best-of-breed play, the DiVitas solution emerges as a complete answer to FMC – and one that larger vendors, which rely on partnerships, are not offering. The DiVitas solution pushes organizations closer to ‘ubiquitous mobility’ – a state where IT organizations have access to a seamless combination of public and private networks providing cheap, fast bandwidth.”

“Market leaders around the world look to Forrester for advice on strategic business planning and leading edge technology adoption. DiVitas is proud of being named by a top-tier analyst firm, such as Forrester, as a company to watch. Over the last year, we have received recognition from several sources that the product we are delivering is seen as a positive agent of change — and that it really counts” said Vivek Khuller, President and CEO, DiVitas Networks. “As a leading technology vendor in our space, we rely on Forrester to help us remain focused on solving the most critical problems of ubiquitous mobility. DiVitas has the utmost respect for the Forrester analysts, and it is truly an honor to be included in this report.”

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