DMSL Boosts Channel Incentives

DMSL, the distributor of BT broadband and voice services in the UK, is offering reseller sales people an added incentive to win new network services business in the form of one-off payments for sales of BT Internet access, private circuits and VPN solutions.

The company is offering payments of up to £300 on sales of specific BT services to help resellers reward sales people directly. The reseller’s business will continue to receive the on-going revenue share of up to 10 percent on services sales as usual.

John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL, says that the company has decided to run the promotional scheme to give sales people and extra boost during what is expected to be one of the toughest times for generating new business. “We believe that, by rewarding sales people involved at the coal-face directly, we’ll give them an added incentive to go out and pro-actively seek out new business at a time when we all know it is not going to be easy. Selling the network as part of a wider solution has always offered end-users a better service, now we can offer a very clear financial incentive to the sales person as well”, says Carter.

Giving sales people a real incentive to drive even more business will also help reseller partners, Carter adds. “Resellers will still get their revenue share – and that is great for businesses, as they can often make substantial amounts on the sale of network services. At the same time, they will be delivering a more complete and holistic service to customers and opening opportunities for on-going service revenues so everyone benefits – the sales person, the reseller business and the end-user customer.”

The promotion will run for three months starting from 1st April 2009 but if successful, may be extended, says Carter. DMSL will pay the bonuses to individual sales people directly, in the form of multi-store vouchers, as soon as the service has been installed. Eligible services include BT IP Converge or IP Clear VPNs, for which sales people will receive a one-off payment of £300 on contracts with a minimum of three sites. They can also receive £75 for each individual Kilostream and Megastream circuit installed, and £100 for BTnet fixed Internet access circuits of between 2Mbps and 1Gbps. All contracts will need to be signed on the normal three-year contract term.

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