DMSL Launches Sharedband Bonded Broadband

DMSL, the distributor of broadband, data and voice communications services, has launched a bonded broadband service and that provides partners with a highly attractive alternative to expensive leased line options and an ideal platform for the sale of hosted voice and other services.

By bridging the gap between standard ADSL and dedicated lines, Sharedband provides much higher speeds and resilience than conventional broadband services, but at a fraction of the cost of private circuits. John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL, says it is a major opportunity for resellers.

“Our Sharedband bonding service provides excellent value and an ideal platform on which resellers can offer hosted telephony and other services. Sharedband is affordable for the customer and easy for resellers to implement and support. We see big opportunities for the new service and we are very keen to support resellers who want to use it as a springboard for growing their hosted VoIP and services sales.”

DMSL’s Sharedband bonding brings two or more ADSL lines together and used them as a single connection. This will provide almost to double the upstream and downstream speeds that are possible over a single broadband connection. By bonding two or four lines, resellers can offer sufficient bandwidth, quality and resilience to support hosted voice or other services and applications, or simply provide faster access and for customers with multiple users and a high dependency on web access.

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