DMSL Signs With Opal for Premium Broadband And Voice

DMSL has signed a partnership agreement with leading provider of business-to-business broadband services, Opal, to distribute its premium broadband services, related voice offerings and web space product. The agreement gives partners the opportunity to make use of DMSL’s unique through-marketing model to take Opal’s range of solutions, which offer great performance, reliability and exceptional value, to the SME market.

Opal’s premium broadband product provides download speeds of up to 24Mbps (depending on line and location) for just £10 per month. The service is prioritised for business and Opal offers upload speeds of up to 1Mbps, unlimited downloads, on-line security, a static IP address and a business-grade wireless router worth £120 as part of the deal. Opal’s SpeedCheck service will ensure that all customers get the maximum possible performance from their connections.

Importantly, additional Opal services can be added to standard broadband packages – builders -, enabling partners to tailor offerings to suit their customers. Unlimited peak-time calls or unlimited off-peak-time calls, mobile calls, and international calls*5, can be added to the premium service. Partners can also offer customers an 0800 number service, and an on-line web package that provides 20 email boxes (webmail), each with 250Mb capacity plus 1Gb of web space and a domain name.

Each of these services can be added for just £6 per month, providing partners with a simple way to add to the basic broadband and build a solution to meet their customers’ needs.

John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL, says that the Opal proposition has a direct and distinctive appeal to the SME. “Opal Premium Broadband is quite simply, the best value, business-class offering you are going to find anywhere on the market today. The SME market today is just a starting to understand how it can get more benefits from broadband and with the ability to build on the core service, Opal’s offering gives them the flexibility to add what they need, when they need it. Plus they get both data and voice on a single contract that is easy to manage.”

DMSL will be deploying its unique through marketing engine to drive awareness and build interest in the Opal services. Carter expects levels of interest to be very high indeed: “With an exceptional core offering and the ability to offer business-class broadband combined with excellent value call plans makes Opal quite different to anything else that is on the market. It has obvious appeal to any small firm that is looking to get all the benefits of broadband and keep its costs down. We’re very excited about the potential of the Opal offerings for resellers. As well as being aggressively priced they also offer exceptionally good margins and revenue opportunities.”

Opal’s Director of Wholesale, Andy Hollingworth, commented: “We are delighted to be working with DMSL to take our premium broadband value proposition to a wider spectrum of the ICT partner community. We are building a comprehensive range of business services on the back of the on-going investment in our next generation network (NGN), that will offer partners considerable opportunities to grow their broadband and communications business.”

Launched earlier in the year, Opal’s premium business broadband prompted a price cut from BT within two hours of its launch and offers those partnering with Opal extraordinary margins and revenue opportunities during this challenging economic environment

Opal, the business-to-business division of The TalkTalk Group, has invested £200 million in the development of its own NGN. The network has more than 1,695 fully unbundled exchanges, covering 80 per cent of the UK population and with more than 1.4 million existing broadband connections, is fully proven and tested, providing channel partners with the security of a stable and resilient provider.

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