DMSL To Host Reseller Event At BT Tower

BT distributor, DMSL, is to set out its plans to help resellers grow and develop their business around broadband, BT Fusion, and other services, at a special event to be staged at BT Tower later this month.

Around 90 resellers are expected to attend the meeting which will see presentations from senior BT Indirect Channels executives, as well as DMSL’s own team, and also give partners the opportunity to ask their own questions. While the main focus of the event will be broadband other opportunities and future plans will also be explored and discussed says managing director of DMSL, John Carter.

“There are many opportunities around broadband that we have hardly begun to exploit and with 8 mbps on the horizon the possibilities are expanding all the time. At BT Tower we’ll be setting out our plans to help SME resellers make the most of those opportunities. As well as voice over IP services, there will be greater potential for collaborative and remote working and conferencing, and for web services such as simple data backup and restore and managed security”, says Carter.

The event will also be used to outline channel plans for BT Fusion – BT’s mobile phone that combines use of fixed-line and cellular services into a single handset. Fusion uses wireless broadband to enable users of mobiles to switch to low-cost VoIP rates when they get back to their home base. Calls from the cellular handset are routed to a broadband connection when the users’ phone comes within the range of a wireless hub.

BT is already asking potential customers to register their interest and will publish its planned monthly subscription rates later this summer. The first Fusion offering is aimed at consumers but a small business version is also expected at some stage. Carter says that it is a good example of how additional opportunities can be developed on the back of broadband sales.

“When it arrives, Fusion will offer not only lower-cost call charges from mobiles but a simple way to create a wireless network in the home and share broadband, printers and other resources. It is just another example of how, by building up their broadband customer base, resellers can grow and develop their entire business.”

It is hoped that BT will outline some of its plans for a business version of Fusion at the BT Tower event. It is also expected to talk about its future plans for broadband services for both business and home users, that will provide automated remote control of devices such as computers and security alarms. The actual date and timing of the event is not being made public but resellers that are interested in attended should contact Emma Liston or Michelle Penny at DMSL on 0870 850 6111.

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