DMSL Urges Resellers to Jump onto the Broadband VAS Bandwagon

BT distributor DMSL is urging more resellers to take the opportunity presented by the wide range of services that can be sold on the back of the broadband adoption wave.

DMSL say that with uptake of higher speed connections surging, there is massive potential for businesses to do much more with their broadband than simply accessing the web and using email. DMSL is calling on more resellers to take BT’s attractive portfolio of services to their customer base, and is offering to make its own unique brand of marketing support available to back up their efforts.

“Broadband is everywhere now but all businesses can make more use of it than they do right now”, says John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL. “They can run hosted email without the hassle of managing security and storage for as little as £7.50 a month, they can implement automated backups and business contingency on-line, they can run a whole range of hosted applications and of course make use of voice services over their broadband connection as well.”

“All of these services help businesses to be more efficient, flexible and cost-effective and to get more out of their investment in high speed connectivity. The uptake of broadband has been simply stunning over the past year, it’s now time for users to make more use of the bandwidth at their disposal – and that presents a fantastic opportunity for resellers.”

Carter says that resellers who take these services to their customer base can drive excellent revenues and profits from the recurring income streams that they generate. “Let’s face it, the old model, where you bought a product, added a margin and sold it on, is dead; it is time for resellers to adopt the new business model where customers subscribe to a range of services that meets all their IT needs. By working with BT we are making it easy for them to do just that and at the same time build good, long-term business plus a loyal and stable customer base.”

DMSL is offering to put its own unique brand of marketing at the disposal of resellers who want to embrace this new model. DMSL has developed a highly sophisticated through-marketing technique that generates large numbers of qualified business leads for resellers very quickly. It has already put this to good use in developing BT broadband business for over 700 resellers all over the UK and is now ready to apply to the full range of BT services that are targeted at SMEs.

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