Dojo unites phones and computers for the first time

Cubed Addict is the first game from Dojo and is the latest videogaming craze sweeping the internet around the world. The simple yet ingenious game is an international innovation, uniting players on their mobile phones and on computers for the first time.

The game is a true mass market proposition, simple and free. It allows the user to win online prizes and is the first in a series of titles from technology firm, Dojo. Gamers will be able to play with and against challengers around the world in real time on their mobiles, using Dojo’s cutting edge multiplayer gaming technology.

Following the success of global gaming on computers, Dojo will offer mobile internet users the opportunity to join the global phenomenon on their phones. Recent research has shown that internet usage on mobile phones is increasing, with a recent survey showing that the average mobile internet user is surfing around 160 mobile web pages per day, while heavy users are logging in up to 10 times per day and spending up to 2.5 hours online.

The Dojo platform will fulfil the thirst of mobile users to game against friends and strangers around the world. Dojo is also set to complement online social communities like Facebook and Bebo. By complementing these sites, in Q1 2009, Dojo widgets will bring a new cross platform entertainment offering to social gamers.

Game widgets are increasingly being seen as a tool for bringing users back to social networking sites on a regular basis, according to the latest research released by Bullhound Independent Technology Research. The latest stats from the research company found 18 to 24 year olds were twice as likely to play games through their social networking sites as other demographics, pointing towards continued growth in this sector.
The first Dojo game, Cubed Addict is now in its final Beta stage. Despite only being online for four weeks it is already being used by gamers in more than 20 countries averaging 10 000 game sessions per day. Users are from countries including Russia, UK, USA, Indonesia, India, France, Germany, Australia, Poland, Brazil, Spain and more, competing against each other on their mobile phones. The PC side has not started distribution yet.

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