Don’t Forget the FMC Connectivity say Murphx

Carl Churchill, Director at murphx says that whilst FMC is still in its infancy and we’re yet to see mainstream FMC products enter the channel that doesn’t mean that a number of organisations haven’t already adopted the service and there is certainly a demand for its benefits from your SME through to your enterprise.

“The flexibility of FMC makes the concept compelling and, in particular, the benefits of outbound mobile calls running over lower cost IP makes the service incredibly attractive.

I would urge organisations within the channel who are considering launching an FMC product, to understand the importance of the underlying connectivity operating the service. Sounds simple, but the most successful products will be those that work without a hitch and it makes sense to sell and manage the entire solution, including the quality assured connectivity powering the FMC, to deliver upon the customers’ expectations.”

murphx has worked with a few providers to optimise connectivity for their FMC solutions and can see the service taking hold as the products and opportunity become more mature.

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