Doro UK Launches TV Advertising Campaign ‘Brilliantly Simple’

Doro UK has engaged in its first TV advertising campaign to support sales of its growing portfolio of easy-to-use mobile phones. Doro’s new TV adverts will air across major UK channels including ITV1, ITV3 and Five from 16th July this year.

There are two ad sequences – a ten second edit and a twenty second run. Both use the new strap-line ‘Brilliantly Simple’ and have focused on promoting the Swedish company’s core design messages. All Doro mobiles are based on three clear product design principles; ease-of-use, adaptable functions and stylish ergonomic design.

Film and TV actor Hugh Bonneville was chosen for the voiceover to convey Doro’s core values of trust, care and ease. The call-to-action within the TV ads is designed to drive consumers to a dedicated landing page at and also to encourage sales through Orange retail stores and online.

Chris Millington, MD at Doro UK said: “We invest heavily in understanding the senior consumer and we use these insights to develop products that are tailored to meet the specific needs of this group. The strategy behind our campaign is to promote Doro’s brand directly to UK seniors – and also to position Doro as the de-facto choice for easy-to-use mobile phones. About three quarters of the adverts will also support our relationship with Orange UK.”

The TV exposure is being supported by a concurrent digital media campaign – which will use the same images, tone and messaging. The online adverts will be placed across a range of UK sites – including many of the top 200 most popular with the 60+ online consumer demographic*. The digital activity will target the mature online audience using a mix of both contextual and behavioural targeting techniques.

The integrated campaign will be further amplified through PR and an interactive direct-to-consumer communications drive. This will include micro-blogging, user generated content sites, online communities and social networks – all geared towards the senior online consumer.

The campaign has been developed by London agency DCH, through its specialist 50+ marketing unit Senioragency.

Dick Lumsden, MD of Senioragency, said: “We’re helping to elevate the Doro brand into the realms of broadcast advertising for the first time in the UK. Doro really understands the senior consumer audience and this campaign will further enhance the company’s position within the easy-to-use mobile space. Our own insight into the behaviour of older consumers, and the empathy we have with them, has helped guide messaging and tone.”

The TV commercials promote the generic features and benefits found in all Doro mobiles – by using the newly launched Doro PhoneEasy 410s gsm handset as the vehicle.

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