DrayTek Release new IP PBX for SMEs

DrayTek has launched a new IP PBX intended to encourage SMEs to make the switch to IP infrastructure from their traditional ISDN or analogue phone lines, making it simple and easy.

The company says that ‘previous objections (to IP systems) from many SMEs have been quality, reliability complexity and cost but that DrayTek’s new VigorIPPBX 2820 addresses all of those by making the product feature-rich, whilst maintaining DrayTek’s renowned ease of use’.

Supporting up to 50 extensions (IP or analogue), the VigorIPPBX 2820 DrayTek adds that the product ‘provides all of the normal features that businesses expect from their PBX including call transfer, hold, intercom, music-on-hold and an auto-attendant to automatically direct people to the right department or person. The VigorIPPBX 2820 is also a fully featured ADSL Firewall/Router, providing a truly integrated solution which is easy to use and set up’.

The company notes that as it’s an IP solution, ‘remote users’ phones are equal in function to local users so a company can have seamless telephony between their remote offices. Using VoIP, calls costs are lower too – calls between extensions are free, but even calls to the PSTN (regular phone network) can take advantage of the many business-class SIP Trunk providers, such as DrayTEL’.

For reliability, the device features dual-WAN capability so that in the event of primary broadband connectivity failing, the PBX will automatically switch over to another.

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