EasyCallRecording Launch Puts Consumers Back in Control

New technology that gives consumers the ability to record and store important telephone calls is launches in the UK today, Inspired by poor call centre customer service levels, EasyCallRecording promises to make British businesses more accountable.

Calls to the bank, for example, can be now easily and inexpensively recorded, stored and used as evidence in the event of poor customer service or dispute.

“Businesses have been recording calls with their customers for years,” says EasyCallRecording director Ben Fry. “How often are we told ‘This call may be recorded’? Now we can say it back. It’s amazing the difference it makes to customer service levels and settling disputes.”

There is no hardware required to use EasyCallRecording. All recordings are stored on EasyCallRecording’s servers for up to twelve months. The recordings can be downloaded as computer files.

The pay-as-you-go service costs only 10p per minute. There is no need to register and no need for credit cards; just dial 0871 238 5555 and follow the instructions.

EasyCallRecording plan to launch a subscription service within the next month. This option, costing only £4.99 per month or £39.99 per year, will offer an enhanced service including a dedicated inbound number to record incoming calls and reduced outbound call costs.

“If UK call centres are going to improve, we need it to become the norm for customers to record important calls,” says Fry. “That’s why we’ve done our utmost to make the service as affordable as possible.”

A beta version of the service went live in May and has already resulted in numerous consumer success stories.

One consumer received an apology and a 20% refund on a home computer after he emailed call recordings of his poor treatment by a household name PC manufacturer. “Within minutes of sending files of the recordings I received an email from the company’s customer service manager,” reports this EasyCallRecording user. “He was extremely apologetic, embarrassed and commended call recording as a ‘prudent measure’.”

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