Easynet Announces Official Launch of Trans-Atlantic IP Network

Easynet has launched its trans-Atlantic IP network and can now provide global businesses with a powerful and reliable communications alternative.

The high-performance network connects the UK and Europe with such areas in the U.S. as Washington D.C., New York, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, as well as seamlessly connecting with Easynet’s Asia Pacific operations.

With Easynet, corporate customers on both sides of the Atlantic will have access to the network to support VPN, IP access and hosting applications and will be able to reduce trans-Atlantic travel costs by using high definition telepresence solutions. Sky Broadband, an existing Easynet customer, currently uses the Easynet network for the rapid transfer of traffic from U.S.-hosted sites such as MySpace. Easynet expects its network connections to Europe and Asia Pacific to be a key driver for businesses’ globalization and growth plans.

“This is a fantastic accomplishment for Easynet,” said Arjen Berendsen, Easynet’s managing director for the U.S. “Very few European operators have networks that cover the US at this vast capacity and with this scalability. Add to this the connections with Asia Pacific, the UK and Europe and our ability to provide an unmatched level of service around the globe and you can see why this new network provides a great boost for our global customers.”

To further support its international customers, Easynet has made a significant investment to upgrade its UK and European networks. The upgrade increases the speed, efficiency and reliability of the infrastructure to realize even better service, performance and security for customers. Whilst other telecoms companies are still building their next generation networks, Easynet’s customers have, for several years, benefited from one of the most sophisticated Next Generation Networks in the world, built entirely on the highest quality IP infrastructure.

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