Eaton Helps Data Centres Measure Energy Usage

Eaton has launched a new range of enclosure power distribution units (ePDU’s) that provide Intelligent Power distribution enabling data centres to monitor energy usage, optimise available power and control the total cost of ownership. The new enhanced range includes Managed and Advanced Monitored ePDU’s and an entirely new Switched range.

A new feature of the Advanced Monitored ePDU’s is the kilowatt-hour monitoring that can monitor down to the individual server with one per cent accuracy (over 2 amperes), to provide complete control over individual outlets. They also allow switching and sequencing of outlets and outlet groups. This provides data centre managers with accurate power measurements enabling them to maximise available power and accurately control operating costs

Stefan Coote, Manager of Solutions for small and medium data centres at Eaton Power Quality, EMEA explains further: “There are two primary driving factors in the data centres today: the increasing demand for power and the increasing cost of power. Both of these factors play an important role in the running of a data centre and the future growth, especially when combined with the global increasing demand for data centres and IT servers. Most data centres are running out of power, and do not know their true power needs or how close they are to their maximum power draw. Only by monitoring individual servers can a true picture of this be obtained.”

“Through their industry-leading monitoring and management functions, the new ePDU’s deliver a full understanding of both energy demands and energy usage in a data centre, be it small, medium or large with hundreds of racks.”

Other products in the range include the new Switched ePDU’s that enable remote shut-off and restart of data centre equipment and the Managed ePDU’s that combine the features from the Switched and Advanced Monitored models for total control.

All Eaton ePDU’s are designed specifically for the data centre environment to provide maximum availability and to fit in 42U IT racks. They will fit any rack, thanks to Eaton’s patented mounting system. They are also fully integrated into Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager monitoring software, so that the user can monitor and trend right down to the individual outlet from a
single interface – and view the whole data centre at one glance.

Stefan Coote concludes: “Our ePDU’s offer intelligent power distribution to give a complete understanding of what is going on in the data centre. They enable users to control operating costs by monitoring and tracking consumption from rack to branch and right down to the individual server, including accurate volt, ampere, watt and kilowatt-hour measurements, which give a comprehensive view of their rack power distribution.”

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