Emerson Network Power introduces Liebert PSI-XR

Emerson Network Power has announced the introduction of the Liebert PSI XR saying this new UPS is characterised by high energy efficiency, a typical feature of the Line Interactive technology it is based on. This characteristic is particularly critical in IT environments where, taking into account the high demand, it is essential to maximize the use of power. In addition, Liebert PSI XR, with its 0.9 power factor, delivers a higher quantity of power with the same absorbed energy.

Another interesting feature of Liebert PSI XR is automatic voltage regulation (AVR), which compensates for voltage variations and avoids intensive use of batteries that would shorten their operating life.

For maximum installation flexibility, in Rack or Tower according to customer requirements, Liebert PSI XR is provided with a LED display that can be rotated by 90° for easy reading independently of the selected layout.

Flexibility is also provided by a selection of communication ports: serial, USB, SNMP and contact closure, which cover a wide variety of installations. Last but not least, the standard package includes the software for automatic operating system shutdown, which offers additional data protection.

Available in 1000, 1500, 2200 and 3000 VA ratings, the Liebert PSI XR is specifically designed to deliver maximum flexibility and high availability. Besides a backup time among the longest in its class and hot-swap batteries that can be replaced by the user without disconnecting the load, Liebert PSI XR can extend the runtime of internal batteries by means of external battery cabinets. Up to six cabinets can be added, with 2U compact size similar to the UPS, delivering an additional runtime of 3 hours at full load.

The standard warranty for Liebert PSI XR is 2 years with an optional one year extension.

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