Energizer Embraces Qi Technology

Avenir Accessories announces the newest Energizer products that embrace Qi (pronounced “chee”) technology, the global standard for wireless charging.

Wireless (or inductive) charging means that no longer will mobile phone owners have to worry about running out of battery life, as Qi charging stations will soon be available in public spaces everywhere, just as Wi-Fi hotspots are today. And what’s more, all devices that have a Qi chip embedded can be powered by any Qi charger, regardless of the brand. Therefore there will no longer be a need for different chargers for each device, or separate cables and adaptors, making travelling with many devices much easier.

Some handsets have already been embedded with a Qi chip, including the Nokia Lumia 920/820, HTC Droid DNA, Google Nexus 4 and LG Spectrum 2. The Samsung Galaxy S3 can be converted to a Qi phone by replacing the battery cover, whilst Energizer has produced cases for the iPhone 4/4S which turns them into a Qi phone and one for the iPhone 5 is being developed.
The Qi technology is enabling consumers more freedom to power their lives and will soon be in more and more devices.

Michelle Atkinson, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Global Marketing at Energizer, says “As consumers increasingly rely on their smart phones and tablets, they are demanding more efficient methods of charging these devices, and we are delighted to offer them our Qi-enabled products.”

Andy Tow, Managing Director of Avenir Telecom and Avenir Accessories, comments: “Qi inductive technology is the next big advancement in charging and we are extremely excited to be distributing the Energizer range of Qi-enabled products at such an early stage. Qi will revolutionise the ease of charging and remove the worry of losing battery life which is a major concern for many consumers.”

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