Entanet Broadband Services Message

Entanet, the Telford-based business Internet services provider, has sent the message about its new voice-over IP and other broadband services out far and wide by staging a reseller seminar in London’s BT Tower.

Entanet announced partnerships with BT for its Datasure on-line back-up services, which enable companies to take regular copies of their data automatically across broadband connections, and with Netintelligence, which provides a managed security service via broadband.

“These services enable customers to get much more value out of their broadband connections,” says Managing Director of Entanet, John Tsai. “Most small businesses know how valuable broadband is for email and surfing the web but few realise that they can also use it to make cheap or even free, voice calls and protect their valuable data by automating backups and security. These services will enable our customers to get additional value from broadband that will deliver very distinct and tangible benefits for their businesses.”

The company says that as well as demonstrating the strength of Entanet’s close partnership with BT, the event also showed how Entanet has matured and become firmly established as one of the UK’s leading ISPs. “The BT Tower event signalled Entanet’s arrival as a real force in the business Internet market”, says Chief Operations Officer James Blessing. “It was testimony to the strength of our industry partnerships and the professionalism and organisational ability that we have within the company.”

Entanet also announced plans to make further investment in its infrastructure over the next few months. This will add further capacity to Entanet’s network, providing room for further growth of the customer base. Over the past year, the company has more than doubled its customer base and its own headcount.

Following the success of the London event, Entanet is looking at holding seminars in other parts of the country. Tsai says that he wants to hold at least one seminar in the north of the UK in the New Year and may also look at further events in the Midlands and South-West.

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