Entanet Calls for ACTA Talk Details to be Made Public

In its latest opinion article (http://opinion.enta.net),communications provider Entanet calls on the government to make the details of the ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) talks public in order to clear suspicion and clarify the rumours. Entanet’s Head of Marketing, Darren Farnden, states: “The secrecy around the talks is only encouraging the spread of suspicion and confusion amongst the MPs, the public and the consumer and trade bodies.”

The fact that the talks are being conducted behind closed doors is of particular concern as they are believed to have a direct effect on the already controversial Digital Economy Bill, which is currently making its way into UK law. Farnden adds: “We agree that the talks should not remain secret. The decisions made over the next few months will significantly impact on existing and forthcoming UK legislation and, as our elected representatives they [the government] have a duty to keep us informed.”

To read the full article, see http://opinion.enta.net/2010/03/02/acta-secrecy-breeds-suspicion/.

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