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Entanet Highlights Importance of IPv6

Entanet has released a new eBook explaining the relevance and importance of IPv6 – the new version of the protocol that extends well beyond the current, soon-to-be-used-up IPv4 addressing capability.

The eBook traces the history of the story to explain exactly why we need IPv6 and why it will matter that equipment, software and service providers are up to speed and able to support the new protocol, when the limits of the current 32-bit addressing capability are reached.

It also explains the extended capabilities that IPv6 will bring and why it could light the blue touch-paper for services such as VoIP and make deployment and management (local and remote) of connected devices much easier and connectivity more inherently secure. These capabilities will be important to the development of the Internet of Things market, of which so much is expected in the future.

Paul Heritage-Redpath, Product Manager at Entanet, also points out that IPv6 will have a direct impact on the growth of connectivity and services for the whole technology channel. “The larger address pool of IPv6 is the foundation for everyone and everything to be connected anytime and anywhere. It improves both the scalability and security of connectivity. That’s going to open up more possibilities for mobile working and always-on connectivity right across the market – in businesses, in public services and in the home too. IPv6 is a real enabler for change and resellers need to understand how it works and why it matters.”

You can find the full report via the link below.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine