Europasat Offers Business Continuity Solution

Satellite broadband provider Europasat is offering businesses protection against expensive communication outages with its Sentinel business continuity service using Eutelsat Broadband’s satellite solution. With medium to large companies reporting average losses of £83,000 per incident, using Sentinel businesses can remain operational if their standard data communication links unexpectedly go down. Costing only £124.99+ vat a month, Sentinel works by providing customers with an independent satellite broadband communications link using Eutelsat Broadband’s KA-SAT satellite.

“Two fundamental attributes
of satellite broadband give Sentinel the edge over any other option when it comes to insuring your business against a significant communications outage,” explained Johnny Robinson, CMO, at Europasat. “Sentinel can be deployed wherever your business is located across Europe. All that’s required is line of sight to our satellite in orbit. No other infrastructure connection, other than
a power source, is required meaning the Sentinel system can be deployed in a completely different location at the premises, well away from other communications infrastructure, removing any risk of Sentinel being impacted by a core outage.”

Sentinel provides constant access to an ‘always on’ 10 Mbps download, 4 Mbps upload service with a 20:1 contention ratio. If required, this is billed in 1 GB increments – although the first 1 GB is free.

If there is an outage or a need for uncontended bandwidth, customers have access to the Sentinel client portal where, in as little as 5 minutes, they can have access to up to 10 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload uncontended bandwidth.

The Sentinel service is delivered using Eutelsat Broadband’s connectivity over its KA-SAT satellite. The first of a new European generation of high-capacity, smart satellites, KA-SAT’s innovative design enables customers across Europe, North Africa and large parts of the Middle East to receive high-speed broadband services at a fraction of the cost of other satellites.

Olivier Anstett, General Manager at Eutelsat Broadband, said “Europasat’s commercial and technical expertise alongside Eutelsat Broadband’s leading satellite infrastructure and service has combined to provide customers with an innovative business continuity solution that is independent of traditional communications infrastructures and cost effective to deploy.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine