Evolving Systems achieves seven million SIM card activations

Underlying its success in delivering a compelling alternative to traditional pre-provisioning, Evolving Systems has announced that its Dynamic SIM Allocation™ (DSA) solution has activated more than seven million SIM cards worldwide, including four million in the last four months alone.

Three of Evolving Systems’ DSA customers are already in live production. These are 3 UK, MTN South Africa and Telefónica Móviles México. Two South East Asian customers are due to implement the solution in the first half of this year, with a further African operator expected to follow later in 2010.

“The dramatic growth in the number of network platforms and new communications applications over recent years has led to a rapid increase in SIM card volumes,” says Jeremy Green, mobile practice leader for communications analyst, Ovum.

“We believe that Evolving Systems’ approach addresses very real issues for the mobile industry,” continued Green. “In particular, it offers the possibility of streamlining what has been a complex and inefficient set of processes, which have thus far survived in the mobile industry because business growth, and the value inherent in each customer, provided a cushion. The explosion of growth in emerging markets, where customers are of inherently lower monetary value, means that traditional methods of activation and provisioning are outdated. The long-expected advent of devices without user interfaces – particularly M2M industrial and consumer devices – will also require a change to provisioning models,” he added.

“Competition and the introduction of new connected device business models are increasing the pressure on operators,” says Stuart Cochran, CTO of Evolving Systems. “The success we are achieving with DSA underlines its compelling benefits evidenced by its application to expanded retail channels and mobile broadband devices. Looking ahead, we see continued opportunities for DSA as operators strive to offer personalized and relevant services to their customers,” he continued.

Dynamic SIM Allocation solution is a new way of activating wireless devices, which removes the inefficiencies of pre-provisioning, avoids the costs associated with large numbers of inactive SIM cards, and enables wireless carriers to offer an enhanced end-user experience.

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