Evolving Systems Releases SIM Reservation Portal

Evolving Systems has announced availability of a new product module to extend its Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) solution. The SIM Reservation Portal enables mobile operators to bring the benefits of DSA to more customers through more sales channels.
DSA is the new standard in SIM Card Activation. It enables mobile operators to sell any product in any channel, at the same time improving operational efficiency in SIM logistics and the use of network resources. Prepaid customers are offered unprecedented scope for personalisation, and greater engagement with existing customers helps to improve loyalty and reduce churn.

The SIM Reservation Portal brings service personalisation to more customers, and makes the buying process easier. Working alongside DSA’s on-device personalisation, the SIM Reservation Portal allows an operator to extend DSA into an interactive web site, or a kiosk application. It brings DSA-powered service personalisation to customers at a convenient time and place, to fit with their busy lifestyle.

Through the SIM Reservation Portal, customers select the mobile service and options they want. They can search for and reserve a ‘Vanity’ or ‘Golden’ number, and the SIM Reservation Portal can also collect information about a customer. The completed ‘reservation’ is passed to the operator’s point-of-sale system, and the customer can then pick up a generic DSA SIM from any outlet – there’s no need to spend time in the store selecting service options, as the SIM is linked with the existing reservation. Then, when DSA detects the SIM attaching for the first time to the network, it dynamically provisions all the customer’s pre-selected options.

“Since we launched the first Dynamic SIM Allocation product in 2007, we have helped some very large mobile operators realise the benefits offered by this approach to SIM card activation, and many millions of customers have activated new SIM cards through our solution,” said Thad Dupper, Chairman and CEO of Evolving Systems. “The SIM Reservation Portal will help operators bring the benefits of DSA to more customers, and reduce the costs and time involved in acquiring new customers through retail channels. One of our largest DSA customers has already contracted with us for this feature as they see the benefits of combining the on-device and web-portal end user experience into a single personalised experience.”

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