ExactTrak launches Security Guardian, the ‘Fort Knox’ of USB memory keys

Security Guardian, the only USB memory key that allows you to completely delete your data remotely is to be commercially available from today. The product is fitted with a battery, GPS and GSM. These features allow the user to know not only where it is but also permanently give the user the ability to control the memory stick through the cloud-based management console, even when it is not connected to any device or the internet. It is the first device of its kind with the ability to supply a verifiable audit trail using ExactTrak’s own patented technology.

The Security Guardian product from ExactTrak is compatible with all main AES 256 encryption products and additional security features can also be built in by companies as they are required. However on the basis that encryption alone does not ensure the security of data, the device has been designed so that the memory on the device can be turned on or off (irrevocably if required) by coded command from either the management console or by text message from an authorised number. In a request from the defence sector, a version of Security Guardian exists which can actually physically destroy the memory chip within the device.

The product is unique in its ability to produce a verifiable audit trail. This feature is important for businesses looking to stay compliant with data handling regulations as it allows companies to prove that they remain fully in control of their data, even when it is not in their immediate proximity. Similarly the ability to turn data on and off is vital for individuals travelling to certain parts of the world where encrypted data is illegal – Security Guardian avoids this problem by turning off the data until required later.

Norman Shaw, managing director at ExactTrak, comments, “We’re delighted to be launching Security Guardian following four years of research, development and piloting schemes. We believe that this product will be a real game changer for managing mobile data as its proactive use has the capacity to fundamentally change the commitment corporate operations can give regarding the safety of their data. The product is sold on a service-contract basis, similar to that of a mobile phone which means that it can be treated as an operational expense as opposed to the all too often restricted capital expenditure items.“

Becrypt security solutions have been tested and found to be compatible with Security Guardian, particularly their award winning Trusted Client. In addition, Security Guardian are currently in proof of concept trials with a leading global bank, an international oil company, a Formula 1 team, a System Integrator for the defence sector as well as Central and Local Government services.

The devices can be equipped with either 16 or 32GB storage. ExactTrak selected Fujitsu’s Global Cloud Platform to host the back-end infrastructure supporting its Security Guardian product and they are sold through OEM’s, resellers and specialist integrators as a managed service on a monthly subscription basis and require a contract with a mobile telecom operator.

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