Experian Selects Aspect Software

Aspect Software announced that Experian has selected Aspect to improve the company’s agent and call centre performance. By leveraging the power of Aspect’s Applications Foundation platform, Experian provides its agents an adaptable, single access interface for critical and actionable data.

Agents and call centre managers no longer have to juggle multiple open applications or navigate between numerous screens as the customisable Aspect solution seamlessly streams key features and functions from Aspect’s full product portfolio directly to a single desktop application. Aspect Applications Foundation enables organisations to bring their own experience to the call centre, encapsulating their knowledge and know-how into more effective, efficient ways to deliver a better customer experience. The solution, leveraging Aspect’s interactive tiles technology, allows agents to further customise their desktops to suit their unique needs and styles of working.

“Experian works with large amounts of customer and client information every day so making the information easily accessible and actionable is essential for our agents to assist consumers,” says Lee Lundy, Senior Vice President of Consumer and Client Services, Experian. “The interactive application has empowered our agents by giving them greater visibility to individual metrics, intraday task change and schedule management.”

Experian’s call centre supervisors and managers can get an instant view into the key performance indicators relevant to their business as well as easy access to the features, functions and processes that allow them to take immediate or corrective action. This supports Experian’s culture of continuous improvement with ample opportunities for agent empowerment, self-evaluation, co-evaluation with their supervisor and validation against calibrated results.

“Leading organisations like Experian understand that in order to deliver exceptional customer and client experiences, they need to have all contact centre functions and team members tightly integrated with the data and information that fuel excellent customer experience,” says Chris Koziol, president and general manager, Aspect. “Experian’s application, based on our interactive tiles technology, enables a ‘bring your own experience’ empowerment to agents and supervisors, or any knowledge worker, which can show a clear, positive impact on productivity and bottom-line results.”

Aspect Applications Foundation consolidates data captured by Aspect products as well as other enterprise systems that a contact centre might access, such as CRM or HCM. Aspect’s interactive tiles technology can take advantage of the data and the underlying product functionality exposed by Aspect Applications Foundation to create dashboards and KPIs that are completely configurable. Users get visibility to the information they need, without having to open and navigate multiple windows and applications. This consolidated, simplified view reduces errors, time-to-information and customer wait times.

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