Exponential-e Create Channel Margin for 100Mbps Internet Offer

Exponential-e, the UK Next-Generation-Ethernet service provider, announced that from 1st January 2009 it will be reducing the channel price of its 100mbps corporate Internet service. The announcement coincides with a major channel push by the company seeking to attract new channel partners to take the solution to market. It is expected that the channel will be attracted to the 100mbps Ethernet solution for its re-sell value and its ability to support additional new revenue streams in the form of a range of specialist WAN services.

From 1st January 2009, the solution will be available to channel partners at a substantial discount from the company’s own retail offer that starts at £800, leaving significant room for the channel to add value and margin.

Lee Wade, Managing Director, Exponential-e said “Sales for our retail product have been phenomenal. But we just can’t cover the market quickly enough to bring it to the attention of all those enterprise customers that would find it compelling.”

He went on to say: “We’ve been able to lower our cost base as a result of significant investment in our NGN this year. We’re in a position to pass these cost savings on in terms of increased support and better pricing for our channel.”

Exponential-e’s 100mbps corporate internet service will be attractive to a range of value-adding resellers and channel partners. The solution features 100mbps of high-speed, next-generation Ethernet connectivity pre-loaded with the fastest enterprise class Internet service in the UK. For an extra charge, channel partners can choose to split up the 100mbps by creating a series of secure VLANs from which a range of services can be delivered on physically different ports. Internet connectivity might be offered as one service alongside other specialist services, such as VoIP, DR or video, as part of a bundled offering.

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