Exponential-e joins EMC Cloud Programme

Exponential-e has announced it is working with EMC to underpin the delivery of its Cloud services. Exponential-e has joined EMC’s Cloud Service Provider programme, using its low latency private Cloud Network (CloudNet) to provide access to its Enterprise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering, powered by EMC’s storage solutions. The integration of Exponential-e’s Enterprise Cloud and CloudNet services enables customers to experience a simplified and de-risked journey to the Cloud so they can store, manage, protect and analyse information in a scalable, secure and cost-efficient way.

“As more businesses drive their digital agenda towards a hybrid Cloud model, EMC’s underpinning technology enables us to equip customers with the best services available for their business,” explained Jonathan Bridges, Head of Enterprise Cloud at Exponential-e. “Cloud services remove the need for our customers to make an upfront capital investment in storage hardware and this will play a pivotal role in allowing us to deliver richer services. Through using EMC technology we can ensure that our cloud services are best of breed, supplying everything from highly-scalable, low cost architecture for Big Data projects to combining our high-capacity Cloud Network powered by EMC for companies that use our Desktop-as-a-Service for Graphics Processing Units (DaaS-GPU).
The new service model will deliver all the features expected of the Cloud in relation to flexibility and agility, whilst providing a secure environment for business data that allows customers to focus on driving innovation in an ever changing competitive landscape.”

Today’s businesses demand an IT infrastructure that reliably supports critical applications, but is flexible enough to cater for operational growth. The new service model will mean that companies no longer need to rely solely on existing architectures and can simply sign-up for additional storage when required. All aspects will be delivered through a single end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures businesses receive consistent network performance, with a single point of contact to manage solutions.

“It’s no secret that organisations of all sizes are increasingly interested in the benefits of a cloud driven strategy that harnesses a diverse array of mobile devices – often referred to as the third platform.

Exponential-e is ideally placed to support organisations with the digital transformation that they will need to capitalise upon it,” Kevin Sparks, Director, Alliances and Channel at EMC UK and Ireland articulated. “Through joining our Cloud Service Provider programme, Exponential-e demonstrates its considerable ability to build world leading Cloud based offerings and demonstrates their innovative and collaborative culture. Working together, we will be able to drive advances in the market to deliver increased business expansion that is underpinned by the history of EMC’s technology coupled with Exponential-e’s fully owned and integrated Network and Cloud services”
“EMC is the leading force in storing, securing and analysing data and holds the majority share of this market. By becoming part of the Cloud Services Provider programme, we will benefit from EMC’s unparalleled strength in the industry and build awareness of Exponential-e among its global audience,” concluded Lee Wade, CEO of Exponential-e. “Working with EMC enables us to better equip customers for the next evolution in enterprise computing.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine