Exponential-e Reveal DaaS Proposition

Exponential-e has announced that it is enhancing its powerful Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) proposition after research revealed that 72 per cent of business professionals struggle with their company’s flexible working policy due to technology issues.

In total, six in 10 of those surveyed admitted that they would be more likely to take advantage of flexible working if IT was better. To facilitate demands for a more adaptable working experience, Exponential-e is entering into a strategic partnership with IT Service Provider, Intermedia. The collaboration will place a whole range of IT services at a customer’s fingertips by combining Exponential-e’s desktop solution with Intermedia’s business applications to provide a Virtual Office in the Cloud that can be delivered as a service to any device and from any location.

“Just one per cent of the business professionals that we surveyed are satisfied by their existing work/life balance. However, 62 per cent think that this could be improved if they had more access to flexible working,” reflected Lee Wade, CEO at Exponential-e. “Providing access to solutions that enable a more versatile working experience but don’t require the business to invest vital resources into managing a complex IT estate is key for today’s organisations. Our relationship with Intermedia enables us to combine hosted desktops with cloud applications, to deliver a scalable Virtual Office in the Cloud that organisations don’t have to worry about maintaining.”

Using Exponential-e’s wholly owned 100 Gigabit Ethernet Network, businesses will be able to run desktop infrastructures in a virtualised environment. As part of the offering, Exponential-e will also offer companies an uncontended, private connection to Intermedia’s Email, Security, Mobility, Archiving, File Share and Collaboration services.

The hosted service will operate within the Local Area Network (LAN) and on the clean side of the firewall, resolving privacy concerns. Organisations can combine Exponential-e’s private managed desktop with Intermedia’s business applications, delivered using a private Cloud, to ensure that corporate data is only provisioned in a secure environment. Since virtual desktops sit on the LAN, they continue to be controlled by the existing IT policies and staff but remove the need for organisations to manage the user experience for each device.

Richard Walters, General Manager for Intermedia EMEA adds: “I’m delighted that Exponential-e has chosen Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud solution, and look forward to partnering with them to drive its DaaS offering onto further success. All too often we see businesses spending excessive amounts of time and money on outdated internal computer systems. With Office In The Cloud, businesses can pay per month, per user and operate from any device with an internet connection, avoiding the need for any high initial outlay while providing the flexibility, support and peace of mind that all organisations need.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine