Exterity and SpliceCom to combine IP TV and IP Telephony

Splicecom has announced a joint development agreement with Exterity, a provider of network IPTV. Under the terms of the partnership the two companies will work closely together to enable the distribution of live TV and video via SpliceCom’s PCS 410, a next generation IP Phone with no physical keys and a large full-colour touch screen.

“We’ve long held the view that IP screen phones would be a perfect desktop delivery vehicle for IPTV and video feeds,” says Colin Farquhar, CEO at Exterity. “It’s somewhat ironic that as the only PBX vendor with IP Phones currently capable of achieving this, SpliceCom is also the company that’s closest to us; in terms of geography, focus and innovation. By working together we’ll widen the appeal and take-up of IPTV and IPVideo by making it more accessible.”

“Exterity products are targeted at the education, corporate and hospitality market sectors, making it both easy and cost-effective to provide news feeds, national and international television, training videos and information channels to displays and PCs across an organisation,” says SpliceCom’s CEO Sean Harding. “As we have a widely installed maximiser base in two of these sectors and are starting to make strong in-roads into the third, the joint development agreement between our two companies comes at exactly the right time and makes a great deal of sense.”

“After four years of shipping our PCS 400 IP Phone to companies of all sizes, we’ve found that they prove particularly attractive when business critical information needs to be clearly displayed. The large colour screen of our IP Phone allows it to be shown in isolation rather than fighting to be seen on an already crowded PC screen. Using an IP Screen Phone for this task offers both convenience and control when compared to a PC, which will invariably be in use for other tasks. It’s rather like a calculator. Every PC is supplied with this application, yet most people still choose to use a conventional calculator to save them opening up yet another window on their desktop.”

“We’re very excited about working with Colin and his team as we broaden the reach of IP TV and IP Video to the desktop using our latest IP Phone,” concluded Harding.

SpliceCom expect PCS 410s supporting IP TV and IP Video fed from the existing Exterity product range to be available by mid-2007.

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