Extreme Networks Reduces Cost Through Innovation

Extreme Networks has announced what they claim is a groundbreaking new initiative for businesses looking to improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their networks. By reducing costs through innovation, Extreme Networks is able to reduce costs associated with acquisition, support, and power consumption whilst maximising network uptime and reliability of enterprise networks.

The global slow down has cut IT budgets in nearly all organisations whilst they are trying to maximise customer retention and business profitability. The decrease in budgets has created a plateau where end users are demanding more from fewer network resources. This means that organisations are increasingly looking for innovative solutions that will deliver reliable services at an attractive price point resulting in a lower TCO.

“The current economic climate has presented businesses with a set of new challenges,” says Extreme Networks’ Technical Director for UK and Ireland, Paul O’Kelly. “Organisations will overcome these challenges by thoroughly reviewing their underlying communications infrastructure and identifying areas where they can make significant savings by innovating.”

With businesses trying to reduce costs associated with IT spending and looking for the best available reliability and TCO, it is imperative that they choose solutions that meet the needs of 21st century users. Extreme Networks provide organisations with a solution that offers 99.999% network availability, reduced power consumption as well as automated closed loop security that can be acquired at a lower cost when compared to other alternatives on the market. This combined with lower power consumption and high level automation capabilities results in reduced resources being required to deploy and troubleshoot the network All of which drives a lower TCO

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