Fairford Boosts Mitel Channel Service

According to Will Fairclough, of Fairford Communications, surrounding yourself with the right team of experts will mean your company can continue to grow its reputation within the industry.

Fairclough, who set up the company in July 2008 with fellow ex-Central Telecom partner David Tilford, runs a Mitel specialist company focusing on engineering and training.

“Our core services centre on delivering first class installation services for channel partners. We’d like to think we are raising the bar with Mitel installations. We not only provide exceptional high end installation engineering at programming level, but combine sales support, project management, training, and first-rate detailed engineering documentation to lay solid foundations for a well managed maintenance support service.

We are investing over £20k in our Test Lab environment that boasts every Mitel application, where we can offer our channel clients full offsite simulation and testing. We believe this is a necessary essential for any Mitel engineering company that boasts quality engineering services. Mitel hardware and software is evolving rapidly, as Mitel specialists we make sure we are always on the pace of the latest technologies, and our engineering base has its finger on the button.

It is part of our mission statement to explore areas of our industry where service delivery can be improved, and to eliminate any cracks. One way in which we are doing this is bringing Mitel training into our portfolio of services. Having consulted with our channel clients, end-customers and the trainers themselves we have highlighted key areas of service improvement. By having training services tucked under our wing we are able to improve the way training is delivered, enhancing the client experience helping them get the most out of their investment.”

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