Farelogix Launches iflybags for the iPhone

Farelogix today announced the launch of the iflybags iPhone app, which gives travelers an easy way to calculate baggage fees and allowances across hundreds of airlines while on the go. Now available for download from the App Store, iflybags tells travelers just how much it will cost them to check everything from luggage to bicycles to musical instruments and so much more.

Ideal for both business travelers and vacationing families, the iflybags iOS app takes into account airline-specific rules, and even traveler frequent flyer status, to present the best combination of checked bags for individual or multiple travelers on a single itinerary. The user simply enters basic itinerary and bag details into the app to quickly and easily calculate bag fees and allowances.

Like the recently launched iflybags.com website, the app uses industry-standard airline data that is updated several times per day to ensure calculations are based on the latest airline information. Users of the app can also input up to nine flight segments in one calculation, enter more than one loyalty program for multiple-leg, multiple-airline flights, and even give their bags custom names.

“Checked bag fees are nothing new, but travelers want an easy way to find out just how much luggage they can take with them and what they have to pay,” said Jim Davidson, President and CEO of Farelogix. “The iflybags.com website was the first to provide this information in an easily accessible, consumer-friendly format, and we’re pleased to provide the first mobile app that enables travelers to calculate baggage fees and allowances from anywhere – even on the cab ride to the airport.”

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