FCS Announces FITAS Scheme is “Open for Business”

The Federation of Communication Services (FCS) has announced that its new accreditation scheme for installers of communications equipment into vehicles is now live and is accepting applications.

The new FCS Installer Training and Accreditation Scheme (FITAS) is designed to meet the needs of installers of radios, mobile phones, telematics and all types of communications equipment into a range of vehicles and to provide a recognized badge of quality for their customers. In addition to private vehicle owners, this includes manufacturers of equipment and vehicles as well as operators of fleets of cars and other specialist vehicles including “blue light” services.

John Thomson, co-chairman of the FCS Installers Group says, “The need for a recognised accreditation scheme embracing all relevant technologies is becoming more pressing as the development of the “intelligent vehicle” and use of related technologies including satellite navigational aids, tracking devices, mobile radio, alarms and security, in-vehicle entertainment and multimedia solutions in vehicles, gathers pace.

“The growing need for a standard for the installation of hands free cellular free kits is demonstrated by a recent survey by What Car? magazine which indicates that drivers in the UK are continuing to ignore regulations that forbid the use of handheld devices while driving. Clearly, the availability of a universally recognized resource for quality installations in this area will make it easier for drivers to comply with the law.”

Following announcement of the FITAS launch in November, FCS reports very positive feedback to the new scheme both from members of its previous accreditation scheme (the Silver Award Scheme) and from a wide variety of other interested parties including equipment manufacturers, the motor and fleet sectors as well as government and regulatory bodies.

The FITAS accreditation is focused on individual installers but to reflect the wide range of stakeholder interests FCS will be publishing a list of “patron” organizations alongside the panel of accredited installers. Patron organisations will commit themselves to the principles of the FITAS programme and the use and promotion of accredited installers.

Michael Eagle, General Manager of FCS commented, “We have received strong expressions of interest and support from both installers and a wide range of other stakeholders and we anticipate rapid growth in both installers signing up to become members of the scheme and from other interested parties who wish to be patrons of the scheme.”

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