fgVOIP for Blackberry launched

fg microtec, provider of enterprise unified telephony applications for mobile phones, has announced the availability of the fgVOIP app for BlackBerry, which allows SIP-enabled VoIP calls on all Blackberry OS 4.6 and OS 5.0 devices.

The app for BlackBerry enables high quality, low delay VoIP calls via SIP on all Wi-Fi enabled OS 4.6 and OS 5.0 devices, including the BlackBerry Curve 8520, 8900 & 9000 as well as the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

fgVOIP’s Click2Dial feature lets callers make VoIP calls in exactly the same way as regular GSM calls. With Click2Dial, whenever the user makes a call using the standard BlackBerry dialler, the call is automatically routed over VoIP when in range of a Wi-Fi network – no user intervention is required. Calls made whilst outside Wi-Fi range use the cellular network as normal. Users can also choose to enable or disable VoIP calls for specific numbers through an exclusion list.

“You don’t have to think about how to use our new app, it just works”, said Robert Mirbaha, CEO of fg microtec. “We designed the fgVOIP app for Blackberry to be easy to use; with fgVOIP you make calls using call history, from an SMS or from an email just as you would any other call on your BlackBerry.”

“It’s hard to make a usable VoIP client for BlackBerry and we have seen others try different ways to tackle the problem; none of those alternatives offers a satisfactory experience for the user. The work we did launching the first VoIP SDK for Blackberry in April 2010 enabled us to create a reliable and easy to use VoIP client for BlackBerry that supports SIP with any PBX or VoIP service”, continued Mirbaha.

fgVOIP app for BlackBerry works with hosted VoIP and PBX services enabling businesses to use their BlackBerry devices as extensions on the company PBX. When staff are in the office calls are automatically directed through the PBX, in effect turning the BlackBerry into a desk phone that can be carried with you.

“We have completed a successful beta and are already seeing strong demand globally, especially from the US, Canada, the Middle East, South America and from business travellers. fgVOIP users who are away from the office simply need access to a WiFi network in order to call their colleagues via the company PBX, saving on expensive long distance phone charges when travelling on business,” concluded Mirbaha.

fgVOIP comes preconfigured with a SIP provider so customers can make calls straight away; fgVOIP can also be configured to work with other SIP providers (e.g. Vonage, InPhonex, Cloudnet, sipgate and Localphone).

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