Fighting on the Beaches

Michael McMillan, Head of Operations at Glasgow based Exchange Communications Limited has written to Comms Business Magazine to say that despite our reported downturn in PBX sales business is booming for his company.

“Exchange Communications are a Platinum Avaya business partner who sit on the Avaya EMEA partner council. We have seen our sales increase over 200% over the last twelve months, we have just signed a five year global deal with one of the worlds biggest finance houses as well as hotel and leisure resorts in Scotland, Dubai and Jordan. I name only a few recent wins but my point is that it is not all doom and gloom out there, we have to re-evaluate and take the fight to a different level, tweak our strategy a little, one thing is certain, sales won’t come knocking on our door, we need to go and find these opportunities where ever they might be.

I have always been very passionate about this industry I have worked in it for many years, I believe we are in sorry state at the moment and the economy is in ruins, but does that mean we should just lie down and surrender? Companies should not only re-educate their staff but re-educate their clients. Its back to basics, emphasis on benefits not features, ensure the service is professional and give the customer what they need not what you want them to have. A simplistic view perhaps but we have to start somewhere.

As Comms Business Magazine correctly points out, the new technology that is coming through is truly outstanding, we are just not packaging and delivering it correctly for the customers out there. Customers aren’t technical they don’t really care about fancy jargon the just want a benefit for their company that will hopefully reduce cost and improve efficiency. It is our job to consult them correctly and not over sell and under deliver.

Sorry for the rant, just want to put a positive spin on things as there doesn’t seem to be that much out there nowadays. But to quote Churchill – ‘We will never ever give up’.”

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