FMC Cheaper than VoIP PBX says Go Hello

Analysys Mason has released a forecast report on fixed mobile convergence for 2008-2013 in which Margaret Hopkins, Analysys Mason Associate, says that “As fixed–mobile substitution continues, enterprise interest in FMC is still being driven by a desire to reduce mobile bills, especially for calls from fixed to mobile, and for roaming charges. The opportunity for integrating Wi-Fi and cellular voice depends on these charges remaining high.”

GoHello’s Francois Mazoudier commented, “VoIP came out as the solution to all telephony problems; it was to be ‘totally plug and play, the cheapest ever telephony (some even mentioned free telephony) and hassle free’ – and now we know that it wasn’t. We have yet to see any companies that installed VoIP systems at low costs and hassle free. The IT infrastructure, security, constant upgrades, costs and levels of tech complexity are just not worth the effort for most SMEs today.

The recent report from Analysys Mason on fixed-mobile convergence shows that companies are finding it cheaper to provide staff with mobile phones than buying a VoIP solution. With the cost of mobile calls down 30-60% this option is looking more attractive to businesses, large and small.”

“This is something that has already been proven in other European countries, in particular Scandinavia where GoHello started. With over 20,000 customers, ALLmobile telephony solutions are proven, with significant cost savings and increases in productivity now that employees can, and do, work from anywhere. It is hardware free, is up and running in minutes with no engineer or technical staff involved, so businesses see a tangible cost saving instantly.

In this economic climate UK businesses should not sign up to lengthy contracts or invest in expensive hardware – they should pay a fixed fee each month, only for those active users, like a subscription – and be allowed to stop at any time.”

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