Fone Logistics Offers New Extranet Facility

Mobile phone dealers across the UK are set to benefit from faster commission payments and increased control thanks to new software from Fone Logistics.

Fone Logistics has launched inTouch – a new Dealer Access Portal (DAP) tool that dramatically improves efficiency for business connection dealers.

The new software allows dealers real time access to account information where they can put jobs directly into the system, forward requests and, by using a unique ID, follow jobs through to their conclusion.

They can also use the facility to submit credit checks, new connections, upgrades and supporting documentation.

Fone Logistics sales and marketing director Julien Parven said: “Fone Logistics is committed to providing our dealers with the best levels of customer service and support and, in order to achieve this, we have launched a new addition to our dealer extranet portal, DAP, called inTouch.

“inTouch is Fone Logistics’ online gateway to monitor progress of work submitted to our service delivery team.

“It offers dealers the quickest and most efficient way of delivering jobs into us and gives live access to the status of information covering all transactions.

“As part of the standard DAP functionality, once the dealer logs on, they can consult all invoices and credits, check the status of connections and commissions, as well as have an overview of when the payments are made or due.”

InTouch allows dealers to be confident that the connection and job details they enter are accurately processed directly into the system through to connection.

This allows the dealers’ work to be processed more quickly, reducing overall turnaround time and improving efficiency.

Dealers can also submit work remotely from a PC or laptop with internet access 24/7 and monitor progress on both completed and pending jobs. They also have the option to receive automated emails, if the status of jobs changes, giving them more time to secure sales.

One such company that has already seen the benefits of using the inTouch service is national mobile provider CommuniComms.

CommuniComms Operations Manager Layla Walton said: “CommuniComms UK Ltd has been using inTouch for the last two months. We have found it extremely helpful as we can log on at any time to see the status of our account and, more importantly, a detailed summary of each of our customers’ deals.

“We welcome any systems that strengthen our ability to provide a first class, professional customer service, which is imperative to the team at CommuniComms UK Ltd.

“inTouch makes us aware if Fone Logistics or the network requires any further action or information from the operations team. It as been an asset to us for the last two months, enabling us to run our business productively and efficiently at all times.”

Julien Parven continued: “Using inTouch to submit connection requests allows us to allocate the connection to their account more efficiently. This will trigger dealer commission automatically and reduce any delay between connection and commission payment.”

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