Formpipe Look to Develop UK Partnerships with Collard

Enterprise output management software vendor, Formpipe Lasernet, has announced the appointment of a new sales executive in a bid to cultivate the firm’s reseller network in the UK. Nick Collard, who joins Lasernet from Mentor Business Systems and has previously worked for IBM as a specialist software sales executive.

Nick’s focus will be to expand partnerships and strategic alliances and maintain Lasernet’s existing certified reseller network across the British Isles. Nick explains: “It’s an exciting time to join Lasernet, with new capabilities rolling off the development line, coupled with mainstream adoption of cloud technologies – it’s about ensuring our product positioning aligns with industry strategic goals and trends. From what I have experienced, Formpipe is certainly an innovative and customer centric organisation, which is a huge selling point for the reseller community.”

Nick continues: “Relying on maintenance revenue streams is how nearly every enterprise software company that sells on premise software survives today. While this business model is very profitable, it breeds complacency and a tendency to procrastinate about innovation. To remain innovative, the software industry has to embrace a hybrid approach, offering feature rich, on-prem and cloud-based solutions, with rapid development and delivery approaches, new feature enhancements, and customer training and support. Peel away the hype of cloud ERP and you find a business model that must deliver value daily to customers both now and in the future. Ultimately, it’s about putting customer needs first.”

Commenting on Nick’s appointment, and the firm’s ongoing global growth, Lasernet’s sales and marketing director, Michael Rogers, said: “Four years ago, 80% of sales originated from Denmark. Today, 80% of sales come from outside of Denmark. That’s a staggering achievement in terms of global growth and one that we owe to making sure both our product and our people are the best the market has to offer.

“Nick has shown the ability to quickly understand pain points for our clients and deliver solutions. In everything he does, he’s mindful of putting the customer’s needs first and that’s what it’s all about. It’s great to have Nick on board and to be growing both our UK and global operation.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine