Freedom helps Movianto UK achieve rapid expansion

Reseller Freedom has installed an enterprise-class Alcatel IP telephony system for Movianto UK (previously Healthcare Logistics). Movianto is UK’s leading healthcare logistics provider, distributing more than one million items each day and delivering around 40 per cent of Britain’s domestic pharmaceutical products.

Movianto has progressively expanded its operations in the UK, growing its employee workforce from 200 in 2001 to over 900 today. The business’ headquarters in Bedford were built in 2001 and the site has seen the addition of a new office block and warehousing

Freedom worked with Movianto to install an Alcatel OmniPCX Office IP-telephony system when the headquarters were built in 2001. But as growth accelerated, Freedom proposed and installed an Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise IP-telephony system to easily accommodate employee growth, which when fully expanded, offers a maximum capacity of 30,000 users.

With the Alcatel Enterprise system, Movianto has exploited the new functionality offered, such as establishing an internal call centre for 30 agents with skills-based routing. Employees also now have ‘fax to email’ functionality and laptop users can use laptops as their office telephone – with the traditional handset being replaced by a light-weight wireless headset.

Freedom has trained two Movianto employees on the Alcatel system management software for all routine changes. For anything more advanced Freedom will either provide extra training for the team or remotely dial-in to the system to make the change.

Larson Blindell, Head of IS Operations, Movianto UK commented:
“Freedom understood our business from the start. Their expertise and solution choice has made it easier for us to expand and grow. We have a great deal of goodwill with them which really helps – they will go the extra mile for us.”

Tom Perry, head of marketing, Freedom, commented: “Freedom knew from the start that an IP-based telephony system would be ideally suited to Movianto as it offers easy scalability, simple system management changes and it capitalises on any network infrastructure investment. It took our engineers just one weekend to bring the Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise system on-line with minimal disruption to users.”

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