Fujitsu enters mobile call recording market

In response to a now urgent need among UK financial institutions, Fujitsu has entered into a partnership with market leader Natterbox with exclusive rights to offer their network-based recording and retention management solution for mobile devices. The joint offering provides full, robust compliance with the FSA mobile communications recording regulation, which came into force on 14 November 2011.

The partnership combines Natterbox’s market-leading, cloud-based recording and retention product with Fujitsu’s global telecoms expertise, international network of service desks, data centres and world-class business continuity services. It follows a period of consultation with the market that revealed worrying hurdles to full compliance and to understand the types and scale of solution still required to provide end-to-end compliance. Together, Fujitsu and Natterbox offer an on-network solution, which enables flexibility, speed of deployment and a scalable growth path.

“Our conversations with UK financial institutions have shown that there is still wide scale uncertainty among the sector about how to ensure full compliance with the FSA’s regulation and those solutions adopted to date are not fit for purpose,” explained Stuart Rye, associate director, Financial Services, Fujitsu UK & Ireland. “In response to this, we are partnering with Natterbox to offer a robust, network-based recording and retention solution directly to our customers and through channel partners.”

Built with compliance focused retention and ease of retrieval in mind, the solution provides flexible storage options in public cloud, private cloud or on-premise. As a cloud based solution, there is no need for software to be installed on phones, making compliance quick and seamless with a SIM card swap. The solution is phone agnostic, supporting all devices, including BlackBerry and iPhone and being tamper-resistant it provides a solution that prevents users from circumventing recording. It is designed to ensure connection delays and abandoned calls do not occur.

A secure web portal allows administrators to set recording, retention, retrieval, blocking and re-direction policies for their entire mobile user base, groups of users and individual users. The same portal can also give nominated administrators audited access to mobile recordings via configurable approval workflows, incorporating ‘data custodians’ to meet an individual organisations compliance policy.

“Following two years of intensive development, our compliant, network-based technology is the solution financial institutions in the UK, still desperately require,” stated Neil Hammerton, CEO, Natterbox. “However, compliance changes for mobile call recording have only just begun and our partnership with Fujitsu is focused on global opportunities and the next phase of voice recording and reporting.”

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