Gamma helps resellers combat growing telephony fraud

Gamma Telecom is helping PBX resellers combat growing telephony fraud with alerts when customers’ calls exceed pre-set limits or there are unexpected premium rate, mobile or international calls. These alerts are available as either push reports or on the Gamma portal, and will ensure that resellers can prevent lost revenues for themselves and also their customers.

“With the recession there has been an inevitable rise in telephony fraud, where hackers attempt to use PBXs to make a large number of calls to mobiles or international and premium rate numbers. This means lost revenues for customers, and also for reseller partners that act as franchisees for PBX suppliers. It is all very well reducing rates of calls for your customers, but fraudulent calls can potentially cost thousands in lost revenues, and our push alerts help combat this,” commented Tim Dulley, revenue assurance and fraud manager, Gamma Telecom.

By providing traffic monitoring and fraud prevention, Gamma is helping partners ensure that they are making the revenues they expect to, and also that they are saving their customers money; essential in today’s tough economic times. By receiving push alerts, partners can quickly respond to any incidents and therefore provide added value to their customers. Resellers can set thresholds themselves on the portal and alerts can vary from texts when the overall value of an account is exceeded, to reports on individual numbers.

“The push reports are of major benefit to us; we can set limits to the number of calls made and to which numbers, and be alerted by text message or email if these are exceeded so that we can quickly respond to minimise any theft,” commented John Massey, managing director at Actimax reseller. “We can even be alerted if calls go over a set length of time. These alerts ensure that we can save our customers money and more importantly show them that we are in control of the service we offer them.”

Reseller partners wanting more training on how to use the reporting and alerting functionality on the portal can contact their internal account manager at Gamma.

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